2023 Projects

The Ontario Association of Architects’ (OAA’s) 2023 SHIFT Health/Architecture Challenge asks the profession to explore the intersection of architecture and human health, and examine how innovative ideas could improve happiness and well-being.

As the world strives to emerge from a global pandemic, and Canada reflects on its current approaches to long-term care and other health spaces, architecture’s impacts on human wellbeing—negative and positive—have taken centre stage. From considering indoor environmental effects on bodies and minds to designing truly inclusive, accessible spaces, what role does the architecture profession play in supporting human health, both in Ontario and around the world?

The five selections highlighted below were chosen by a jury to represent SHIFT’s 2023 class and were
presented at the SHIFT2023 Challenge and Honours event on June 22 at Science North in Sudbury as part of the 2023 OAA Conference. Check out the Media Release announcing the winners. You can also read this year’s SHIFT publication on the OAA Website.


Past Projects

2019 SHIFT Infrastructure/Architecture selected projects

2021 SHIFT Infrastructure/Architecture selected projects